Wind Turbine Noise Assessment

Our talented team of acoustic consultants has over a decade of experience in the assessment of wind turbine noise.

We provide solutions to complex technical problems and focus on clear and concise reporting. The quality of our work is testament to our skill and experience in dealing with challenging issues.

We undertake compliance noise assessments across the UK, providing a fully comprehensive service; managing the assessment from start to finish. This includes consultation with landowners, residents and local authorities, meteorological mast installation and post submission support.

Firstly, we offer complete noise assessment services. Secondly, wind turbine noise assessment available in-line with ETSU-R-97.  In addition, we pride ourselves on timely service.  In conclusion, our services are high-quality and cost effective.

A noise survey represents the foundation on which any noise assessment is based.  In the first instance, the placement of measurement equipment is the key consideration.

Our consultants have years of experience in the field, applying this knowledge for the most robust assessments.

We prioritise early consultation with local authorities so agree the specifics of any noise survey in writing. Consequently, high quality, reliable results ensure no post-submission issues for our clients.

We utilise leading proprietary noise modelling software to provide quick feedback on design iterations and layouts.  Our consultants have a wealth of experience in complex, cumulative scenarios and can advise on the apportioning of noise limits, available headroom and site feasibility.

Specialist in-house modelling software developed by our expert consultants affords further insight into site analysis, including the application of wind shear corrections, line-of-sight attenuation and consideration of valley effects in accordance with the latest guidance.

Our automated in-house software developed specifically for wind turbine assessment provides rapid analysis of measured baseline noise, wind speed and rain data.

The efficiency of our system allows critical survey decisions to be made on site, reducing survey lengths and providing immediate feedback on turbine shutdown conditions where applicable.

As a result of our tried and tested software developed over many years, analysis of data is subject to the highest quality assurance, delivering results which are unquestionably robust and reliable.

Where required, we have full capability to undertake the analysis and assessment of Tonality and Amplitude Modulation with regard to either scheduled compliance assessment or complaint driven investigation.

Our state-of-the-art noise monitoring equipment provides full fidelity recording (24 bit, 48 kHz) for full post-measurement waveform analysis.  Due to the complexity of both Tonal and Amplitude Modulation analysis, specially developed in-house software automates the process, delivering quality assured, timely results.

Compliance Noise Assessments

Our expert team regularly undertake compliance noise assessments for single turbine or wind farm developments across the UK.

Blue Sky’s continuous professional development ensures the advice from our acoustic consultants is always based on the latest guidelines and methodologies.

We provide expert advice on the latest assessment methodologies for wind turbine noise investigation.  Following the Institute of Acoustics latest publication on Amplitude Modulation, Blue Sky Acoustics has developed our own bespoke in-house software for the effective analysis of Amplitude Modulation.

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