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Noise Nuisance

Noise Nuisance

Noise nuisance in the first instance should always be discussed with the Local Authority.

The Local Authority has a duty to investigate and where necessary take action under Sections 79 and 80 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (EPA 1990). However, it is not always possible for the Local Authority to witness the alleged nuisance first hand.
Where it has been difficult for the Local Authority to witness an alleged nuisance, an individual can take a private action under Section 82 of the EPA 1990, through the Magistrates court.

To be successful in taking a matter before a Magistrate it is vital that the correct process is followed.

How can Blue Sky Help?

  • Advice – Blue Sky Acoustics can advise on the process of taking a successful private action in the Magistrates Court.
  • Blue Sky Acoustics Event Record Sheets – An important step in the success of any action is the gathering of evidence in the form of a Daily Record Sheet. Please feel free to use our Daily Record Sheet template.
  • Expert Witness – Blue Sky Acoustics can collect and present evidence to a Magistrate on behalf of our clients.