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Wind Turbine Assessment

Our team of noise consultants are qualified to undertake a wide range of noise assessment services, however we focus on the assessment of noise from wind turbine developments, benefiting from significant experience in the assessment of noise from small scale, large scale and offshore wind energy developments.

Each of our professional and experienced acoustic consultants hold corporate membership with the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) and have at least ten years experience in the noise assessment of wind turbines.

Wind Turbine Technical Services

Desk Based Noise Assessment

We undertake desk based noise assessments in accordance with the simplified assessment method detailed in ETSU-R-97, providing detailed design advice where applicable with regard to turbine location.

Background Noise Surveys

We undertake background noise surveys in accordance with all current guidance, which includes ETSU-R-97 and the IOA: A Good Practice Guide (2013)

Post Completion Noise Monitoring

We provide post-completion noise monitoring services in order to demonstrate compliance with planning conditions.

Tonal Noise Assessment

We are experienced in undertaking tonal assessment of wind turbine noise, in accordance with the method detailed in ETSU-R-97.

Supply of Meteorological Masts

We supply and install meteorological masts from 10 to 30 metres, in order to facilitate the measurement of background noise levels in accordance with ETSU-R-97.

Amplitude Modulation Assessment

We have a bespoke in-house MATLAB program to undertake analysis of Amplitude Modulation in accordance with the latest guidance detailed by the Institute Of Acoustic’s Amplitude Modulation Working Group – known as the Reference Method.

Other Noise Assessment Services

Our experienced consultants are qualified in the assessment of noise from all aspects of environmental and industrial noise sources.

We regularly undertake environmental noise surveys for a wide range of applications and operate a fleet of IEC 61672 compliant Class 1 sound levels meters, suitable for any noise assessment enquiry.

Our consultants are experienced in undertaking assessments for:

  • Licensing

  • Noise at Work Assessments

  • BS 4142:2014 Assessments

  • Event Noise Management

  • Residential Developments: ProPG Planning and Noise Assessments

Other Noise Assessment Services