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Extraction, Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Blue Sky Acoustics have experience of successfully undertaking noise assessments for the installation of Air Source Heats Pumps in confined residential areas, where it is not possible to demonstrate compliance through the MCS Planning Standards (MCS 020).

We have experience in undertaking the sound power level rating and tonal analysis of operational Air Source Heat Pump units in order to support noise assessments for successful planning applications.

Relevant services which Blue Sky Acoustics offer include:

  • Consultation with Local Authorities
  • Dialogue with Manufacturers
  • Background noise surveys
  • Tonal assessment
Blue Sky Acoustics have a wealth of experience in the design and noise assessment of commercial extraction fan systems for successful planning applications. Our consultants work closely with manufacturers in order to deliver systems which are compliant with restrictive noise limits at neighbouring premises.

Our approach typically involves detailed consultation with the local authority to determine suitable noise limits, undertaking background noise surveys where appropriate, designing a suitable extraction system in consultation with the manufacturer and finally modelling the expected noise emissions. Mitigation measures are also advised where appropriate.

Typical considerations during the design process include the following:

  • Type and size of fan required
  • Length, diameter and shape of ducting required
  • Number and style of bends within system
  • Number and length of silencers required

Please contact Blue Sky Acoustics to see how our consultants can assist you with your planning application.