Event Noise Management

Our team have years of experience in the management of noise from major live music events.  From initial consultation and advice to negotiation with local authorities and support at license hearings, we can help you to plan successful events at an early stage.

We have vast experience in the production of comprehensive Noise Management Plans for music festivals and high profile sporting events, with advice provided for site build/breakdown, site infrastructure, generator, PA and tannoy noise.

Our fleet of Class 1 sound level meters and latest front of house software solutions facilitate comprehensive control of noise levels across any venue; from the mixing desk to nearest dwelling locations.

In summary, our experienced approach to noise management and control coupled with our friendly and knowledgeable consultants is the reason our involvement in major events grows year after year.

Our consultants work closely with Local Authorities to ensure in the first instance that any proposed event is appropriate for the size of the venue and the sensitivity of the surrounding area.

Consultation with the Local Authority at the earliest opportunity is important not only to agree acceptable noise limits, but to ensure that all parties have a comprehensive understanding of the potential impact.  We are experienced in attending license hearings on behalf of our clients in order that reasonable noise limits are applied, striking a balance between noise impact and levels required for an enjoyable and successful event.

A Noise Management Plan (NMP) is a document which identifies and assesses the full scope of work required to achieve a successful event, including procedures by which to control, minimise and reduce noise levels.

Specifically, the NMP will outline any agreed noise monitoring locations, noise limits, the compliant procedure, the noise control strategy and much more!

Blue Sky Acoustics produce and tailor noise management plans for specific events. The plan is usually, but not exclusively included within a wider event management plan to be submitted to the Local Authority prior to an event.

Independent noise monitoring is important where noise limits are specified on a premises, Temporary Events Notice or event license.

Our consultants each hold full membership with the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) and have a wealth of experience in monitoring noise levels from small music venues to large festivals and sporting events.

We operate a fleet of class 1 sound level meters which are calibrated to UKAS standards in addition to using front-of-house monitoring and software solutions to guide sound engineers throughout any event to ensure compliance with license conditions.

Following an event, we produce thorough post event noise reports which include survey record sheets, equipment calibration certificates and photographs of the noise monitoring locations.

Reporting the results of the independent noise monitoring allows the event organiser to show compliance with the conditions of the event license, identify areas for improvement and form a historical record of the performance for future review.

Highlights of Our Event Experience