BS4142 Assessment

BS4142:2014 Methods for Rating and Assessing Industrial and Commercial Sound is the British Standard for assessing noise from industry and commercial sources typically when introduced into residential areas where dwellings are considered noise-sensitive.

The use of BS4142 is appropriate for a wide range of applications and scales; from individual extraction fans to industrial power plants.

The method described in the standard requires measurement of the existing background noise climate in order to quantify the relative impact of any new noise source.  In contrast to using fixed noise limits, this approach reduces the likelihood of complaints and usually limits the new noise source to a maximum of 5 dB over the existing background noise level.

If the noise limit is found to be exceeded, mitigation and control measures are implemented in order to limit the impact to acceptable levels.

Our Acoustics team has considerable experience in the application of BS4142 for a wide range of industrial and commercial projects.  We provide a comprehensive and professional service to fully support our clients’ projects, which includes:

  • Early and thorough consultation with the local planning authority’s Environmental Health department, in order to confirm the approach and specifics of noise surveys (including duration, location and times)
  • Class 1 noise monitoring equipment for comprehensive noise surveys, either attended or longer term unattended
  • Use of class leading noise modelling software CadnaA for predictions and 3D modelling of noise propagation of specified noise sources
  • Appropriate application of penalties for impulsivity and tonality
  • Clear and concise reporting detailing our findings and where appropriate, the recommendation of realistic control measures for submission to the local planning authority
  • Post submission support including direct liaison with the local planning authority where further clarification is required

Blues Sky Acoustics have experience of undertaking BS4142 assessments for the following applications:

  •  Generators and plant rooms
  •  Air handling units (AHU)
  •  Air conditioning units
  •  Extraction fans and ducting for commercial kitchens
  •  New residential developments near Commercial or Industrial areas
  •  Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS)
  •  Short Term Operating Reserve gas plants (STOR)

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